5 Sleep Problems You Should Not Ignore

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Sleeping is a basic necessity of life. A quality sleep will help restore the immune system, hormone balance, lower blood pressure, eliminate toxins in the body ...

However, there are still many sleep disorders that we still believe are true. These have been explained by Professor Matthew Walker of the University of California at Berkeley in his book, "Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams."

Knowing the truth about sleep will help you understand your body and get better sleep and health.


1. Snoring


According to Men's Health, sleep disturbances (SBD) are snoring and sleep apnea syndrome (OSA).

According to experts, when you are sleeping, the respiratory tract causes the brain to be controlled to maintain a steady breath. As the throat tightens, squeezes the upper part of the trachea, the body stops breathing for a few seconds to a minute. The sleeping person will wake up.

Untreated OSA patients affect work efficiency, and are more likely to be involved in occupational accidents and traffic.

Therefore, people who sleep continuously (from night to night) should go for a comprehensive clinical examination including upper endoscopy to determine the appropriate treatment plan.


2. Have frequent nightmares

If you have frequent nightmares and wake up in the middle of a panic, you may have sleep disorders.

Having a childhood nightmare can be an early warning sign of neurosis later in life. The results of the follow-up of 6,800 children show that infants who have bad dreams (2-3 times per week) between 2-7 years of age are at risk of psychosis, such as hallucinations. or virtual, when entering the adolescent stage is 3.5 times higher than other peers.

In addition, if you regularly dream of nightmares, may be a sign of sleep apnea. This condition causes the breathing to be temporarily stopped due to obstructive airway obstruction.


3. Headache when waking up


Migraines in the morning are also signs of sleep apnea. When the respiratory tract is disturbed, you breathe and inhale improperly causing carbon dioxide to accumulate in the body. It causes the blood vessels to become blocked, causing headaches.

When sleeping, you should pay attention to room ventilation, avoid pulling the head or squeeze on the body to cause asphyxiation.


4. Grind teeth when sleeping

People are often unaware when they grind their teeth during sleep. This long-lasting habit can affect the aesthetics, as regular tooth friction will wear out, reducing the size of the underlying layer and can cause distortion.

Muscles that over-work while grinding can be enlarged causing the face to be disproportionately or squarely shaped, causing temporomandibular joint disorders with the first signs of discomfort or pain in the joint. , mouth open, chewing or talking hard, tired mouth, there is strange cry.


5. sleepwalking



Sleepwalking is considered to be a manifestation of the sleep disorder (parasomnias - abnormal behavior that occurs during sleep). Sleepwalking is associated with epilepsy, neurosis.

If you find yourself sleepwalking at night, see a neurologist for a prompt diagnosis and diagnosis. This can cause injury to patients and other people, as they can not control their behavior during sleep.

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