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Sustanon is the most powerful and potent form of testosterone available nowsaday. Sustanon cycle refers to testosterone injection cycle where a lot of bodybuilders put themselves on in order to gain muscle and strength or cut fat for enhancing definition.

AAS Bodybuilders usually combine various steroids, growth hormone, testosterone ... in one sustanon cycle to ensure best gains. It’s important to consider the benefits as well as the side effects involved during a sustanon cycle.

Buying and using sustanon without a prescription is illegal. Most of the advice and recommendations for a sustanon cycle come from nonprofessionals while buying and using sustanon without a prescription is not legal. This is why it’s of extreme importance to research completely before you take the plunge of sustanon cycle.

sustanon cycle can be used either for a bulking phase or the cutting phase.

Bulking phase is the phase when you try to bulk up with muscle focusing on gaining weight. Bodybuilders end up gaining muscle as well fat during a bulking cycle.

Cutting phase is the following phrase of bulking phrase. Bodybuilders try to get rid of excess fat so as to increase muscle hardness and definition. During the cutting phase of sustanon cycle, bodybuilders try to cut fat and eliminate water retention for having veins popping up all over those hard muscles.

Testosterone injections in sustanon cycle are not used to enhance athletic performance. Most athletic and sports organizations have banned its use. It’s illegal to buy such injections without a prescription, for example, for a sustanon cycle, in most of countries over the world. Such injections can pose a serious threat to your health and have some alarming side effects.

In spite of being illegal, a lot of bodybuilders use sustanon by combining it with other steroids for faster bulking or cutting results during a sustanon cycle. What’s a cause of concern is that quite often dosages taken are extreme and much higher than those recommended by medical experts and doctors.

Most recommendations of sustanon cycle comes from bodybuilders and weightlifters. Most of them recommend a bulking or cutting cycle between 6-12 weeks and stack sustanon with other steroid. When it is used as a stack, sustanon can help speed up the results, if they relate to bulking of cutting of sustanon cycleSustanon cycle can also be combined with other drugs in order to cut down the effects of high testosterone in your blood.

Such dosages are quite high in comparison with those recommended by doctors for treatment of hypogonadism (low testosterone). Normally, in the period of taking sustanon cycle doctors recommend a 750 mg dosage followed by another injection in four weeks; after that, it is followed with another injectable steroids every 10 weeks.

Some bodybuilders seem to be of the opinion that the effects of sustanon cycle are quite mild and can be managed with other drugs’ help. Others may face some complications because of sustanon injections during the treatment of a sustanon cycle.

sustanon cycle last for a long period can cause some side effects as hair loss, severe acne, and swelling in the extremities.

Women users of sustanon cycle can experience several side effects such as growth of facial hair, hair loss and changes in their menstrual cycles etc.



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