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MT2 MELANOTAN 10mg Description

If you want to strengthen your muscle power, MT2 Melanotan 10mg will significantly help you to achieve a robust and energetic body. The major component of MT2 Melanotan is a melanocortin synthetic analog which can stimulate the combination of melanin in your body.

MT2 Melanotan can very effectively promote the burning process of the body’s fat deposits. This effect results in the appetite suppression, and even libido and erection intensio. MT2 Melanotan also works as a tanning drug by inducing the pigmentation of the skin.



Each bottle of MT2 Melanotan contains melanocortin 10mg.



MT2 Melanotan is produced in the safest and most effective process by Bio Peptides. Along with its main function as a sunless tanning drug, Melanotan works great on suppressing the sense of appetite for foods as well as improving the muscle growth. With this drug, you will be back to 18 again with solid muscles and a beautiful-shaped body.

Another effect of taking an MT2 Melanotan injection is that you will notice 3-4 hours of libido elevating with increased penile blood flow. This will help penile enlargement users to practically see noticeable results.


Chemical name

Ac-cyclo[Nle4, Asp5, D-Phe7, Lys10]α-MSH4-10-NH2


Side Effects

Beside great positive effects the MT2 Melanotan provides, there are also some minor possible side effects. However, those cases are reported with unacceptable overdoses of the drug for a very long time. Taking overdose can result in some property manifestations such as blood pressure and heartbeat rate increases, liver and kidney damages, and severe pain in the body.

Some other side effects are reported by athletes such as dark-colored areas in various sizes on all over the body, severe headache, nausea, skin reddening at the injection site.

Furthermore, there can theoretically be a possible reduction of cardio – vascular system, and loss of self-protection function of the body.

Patients should strictly follow the recommended prescription of the drug including the dose and the duration of taking the drug to avoid all side effects.



To stimulate body’s muscles and fat burning, the injection should respect the instruction from your doctor. After the onset of the drug’s effects, it will gradually increase your muscle growth and reduce the body fat at the same time. The active duration of additional libido increase will last about 6-12 hours.

Daily dosage for normal adults is usually 0.02mg/kg. For some sensitive drug takers, the effective dose can even be 0.5mg. Safe doses should not be over 2mg.

Please follow the above recommendation to fully enjoy positive effects of MT2 Melanotan without any unwanted symptoms.


Where to buy MT2 Melanotan

MT2 Melanotan 10mg can give you maximum muscle strength and greatly elevating your fat burning process for a much healthier body. Don’t waste your time, just order a drug from our stock and enjoy the effect. You can effortlessly get this medication by simply selecting and placing orders on this website. We have our shipping and delivery policy of only 3-5 days in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

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