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Methylox 25mg is a ORALE STEROIDE
manufactured by BT Laboratories and sold in a number of countries. Methylox 25mg is quite androgenic, with minimal anabolic effects. For athletic purposes, Methylox 25mg is generally used to stimulate aggression among power lifters and those looking to boost up their workouts.
Methylox 25mg is an oral version of testosterone modified through methylization fot not getting digested in the body. Methylox contains the ingredient as the first version of testosterone that was not injectable. Methylox has been altered to survive oral digestion and this makes a lot of sense since the body needs it in one piece in the muscles and the bloodstream.

Composition: Each box of Methylox 25mg contains 100tablets. Each tablet contains 25mg of methyltestosterone.

Chemical name: 17beta-hydroxy 17alpha-methyl-4 androgen 3 one

Methylox contains Methyltestosterone as an oral form of testosterone. It is inactive, because it is a good part for the liver metabolism and it is decomposed, so only 5-10% will be present in blood. If you analyze carefully, you will observe that this concoction is a 17-alfa methyltestosterone. The concoction arrives very fast in blood and the disintegration period is very short. Methylox’s ingredient is a concoction with a strong action because of its significant androgen effect. The weightlifters use Methylox before trainings and an important competition because the androgen effect is observed after only one hour.

Side effect:
Methyllox contains Methyltestosterone so it can give some side effects of testosterone. Some of these side effects come with aromatization happening with all types of testosterone. Aromatization is the conversion of testosterone to estrogen - the female hormone that causes changes in the female body. A man with estrogen will be noticed with the development of breast tissue and women will have virilization - the development of male characteristics like the voice deepening and the growth of the Adams apple. The extreme of virilization due to Methylox includes the growth of the clitoris to an extent like a small penis. When aromatization is not enough, Methylox converts to Dihydrotestosterone with its own side effects as well. Some of the side effects also include premature hair loss and the prostate gland ‘s enlargement. Methylox affect the natural production of the natural hormones in the body of the users such as luteinizing hormone and the follicle stimulating hormone as well. Methyllox affect too the production of hormone of the thyroid gland as well. 
Methylox is the kind of steroid to use when you are looking for specific results since the side effects can be extreme. You are supposed to use less and monitored your reaction to Methylox before increasing its dosage. For those looking for an increase in aggression levels, Methylox is the kind of steroid to have. Aggression will help you with endurance in physical training and it can be taken several hours before a competition for strengthening your physique for the competitions. However Methylox is not the best aggressor in its category and the presence of better aggressors makes it less desirable.

Due to the active life of the drug, users must spread out the doses of Methylox throughout the day for at least 2 or 3 evenly spaced doses to maintain stable blood levels of the Methylox.

For beginners, the recommended dose is about 30-50mgs per day and they should limit their use of Methylox to only a few weeks. Limiting the usage of Methylox to 4-6 weeks would help to avoid any serious complications.

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