Boost Testosterone Naturally - How To Enhance Natural Testosterone

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Testosterone is a Male sex hormone. Testosterone Ideal level should be maintained for muscle building and body building. But importance of Testosterone is not only limited to muscle building. It also has the following benefits:

+ It increases energy and strength in the body

+ Keep our heart health healthy

+ Burn fat by lean muscle mass growth

+ Helps in making our bones stronger Improves the mood and reduce mood swing issues also improve the sex drive or libido.


It is generally seen that people relate testosterone with body building and for building muscle with faster pace they use Synthetic Testosterone, Hormone Replacement Therapy or Steroids injections. Even after having its dangerous side effects. But there are natural ways also to increast Testosterone.


Which help in increasing or boost Testosterone naturally. We will Start with a wonderful herb Gokshura or Gokhru or Tribulus Terrestris .




Gokshura boosts the production of Luteinizing hormone which in turn increase the production of Testosterone. Gokshura is very famous among bodybuilders all over the world . Specially bodybuilders uses it after the completion of steroid cycle for reviving the natural production of Testosterone in body which was slowed down or stopped during the steroid cycle. It breaks down cholesterol and fats that inhibit healthy liver function by converting them to hormones and energy. Generally, bodybuilders and athletes use it for increased performance and stamina. Recommended Dosage of Gokshura is 100 - 250 mgcan be consumed 1 to 3 times a day.





Second Testosterone boosting herb is Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is also known as Indian Ginseng. Recent studies say that daily consumption of 5 gms of daily for 90 days can increase testosterone level upto 40%. And in case of Infertility and low sperm count, it can boost testosterone level upto 21%.


It is also known as an effective stress reliever And as stress is a big reason of low Testosterone. Ashwagandha also helps in boosting testosterone level by reducing the stress. Safed Musli is an amazing energy booster. It has a component named SAPONINS.

Which boost the Testosterone level, increase the sperm count and improve the sperm quality And also improves sex drive or libido.


It not only reduce tiredness and weakness but also reduce the stress, anxiety etc which are necessary for Positive attitude Recommended Dosage: Take 200-400 mg of safed musli extract 2-3 times per day with food, with one dose about 30-60 minutes before workouts. Cycle safed msli for 6-8 weeks and take about four weeks off before cycling it again. Garlic contains an organic compound named. Allicin which gives garlic a distinct smell. It drastically increase the production of Testosterone It also increase the testicular weight which is good for natural production of Testosterone.




Zinc have direct relation with Testosterone production. Zinc deficiency causes increase in estrogen receptors and decreases androgen receptors which means low Testosterone level. Zinc is necessary for Testosterone production. Zinc controls estrogen production. It converts Cholesterol & fat into sex hormones and hence increases the Testosterone level.


Our body dont store zinc so our body requires its continuous supply. Best food sources for Zinc are Oyster, Cashew & beans Magnesium is an amazing mineral which restricts Cortisol i.e. a stress hormone which drastically decreases testosterone level and results in increasing of Testosterone natually.




Like zinc, Magnesium also helps in converting Cholestrol & Fat into sex hormones It also increases antioxidant capacity in body and reduce inflammation which is necessary for bodybuilding Best food sources for Magnesium are Spinach Nuts Banana Banana is a great source of Potassium but a medium sized banana has 33 mgs of Magnesium, it also contains good amount of Vitamin - B which helps in Testosterone production. 1/2 cup cooked broccoli has 51 mgs of magnesium. Its also a very good source of Vitamin - C which help in blocking stress hormone cortisol and help in and help in production of Testosterone.


Vitamin - D

Researches say that people who are deficient of Vit -D they generally have many issue like high body fat or obesity, Low lean muscle mass Depression, Low testosterone, High estrogen level, Poor fertility or infertility issue . Best sources for Vitamin D which may help in boosting the Testosterone level are Sunlight Fatty Fish like Salmon, Tuna or Meckerel Cheese, Eggs and Milk Products. So, freinds thats it for foods/herbs for boosting Testosterone.

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