Kelly Clarkson Reveals Secrets to her Dramatic 40 Lb Weight Loss

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Kelly Clarkson is a famous singer from Fort Worth Texas. She is the most successful American Idol contestant ever. The problem of weight loss is always the most concern of journalists for her. The article below talks about the biography and secrets surrounding her significant weight loss.


Biography of Kelly Clarkson:  


Kelly Brianne Clarkson was born April 24th 1982 in Fort Worth Texas. At an early age, she discovered the potential of her singing. After singing in the choir and performing in musicals during high school Clarkson developed her talent by taking lessons.




Singing Career:


Clarkson's classical training opened her up to numerous opportunities including scholarship offers from universities and a few record deals. However she turned them down and relocated to Los Angeles.


She got her chance to pursue her dream of making music when American Idol stopped in Dallas. Everybody before her got rejected so I was like okay it's been fun you know her ended up Jackson just playing around with Brandi Clarkson's successful audition secured her a spot as a contestant and sent her back to Hollywood.


She definitely think we should come to Hollywood over the course of three monthsShe survived the judges criticism and audience voting thanks to her interpretations of several songs and beat out Justin Guarini in the final round.


Clarkson as the competition's winner . She became the first person to earn the American Idol title and won a contract with RCA Records during the finale. The song "A Moment Like This " became her first single. The track made history later that year after it jumped over 50 spots to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


- 2003's debut " Thankfull " was an instant hit and atop the Billboard 200 the pop rock album. Also comprised her first Grammy nominated song miss independent.


- 2004's, Clarkson turned up the rock side of her sound with her sophomore effort she also co-wrote half a dozen tracks. " Breakaway " which became top three disc the Grammy winning record produced multiple mega hits as well including the title cut and the number two tracks since. Clarkson spent the next few years stretching her vocal chops in performances around the world including the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics.  


Her outspoken nature caused problems with her reputation and soon she dropped her management company.

Clarkson also sang on television and at various events and later teamed up with Reba McEntire on the two worlds - voices tour.


-2009's saw the release of the chart-topping all her ever wanted the grammy-nominated work was especially notable for the single " My Life Would Suck Without You " which made a record-breaking jump from the 97th to the first position on the Billboard Hot 100. The single already gone also made waves after it was released against Clarkson wishes as the singer felt it sounded too similar to Beyonce's 2008 song halo following a supporting tour. Clarkson collaborated with Jason Aldean on the commercially successful power ballad " Don't You Wanna Stay " .


Clarkson continued getting in touch with her country roots on 2011 stronger the number to pop rock disc produced the top 10 single . Her performances at Super Bowl 46 and the 54th Grammy Awards Clarkson appeared as a mentor on " The Voice" in 2012 . Kelly Clarkson is the perfect advisor for these kids because she's had hits she's had ups and downs in this industry and she's still the same solid grounded person that she's always been thanks to her dynamic vocals endearing persona and determination.


Kelly Clarkson Reveals Secrets To Her Dramatic  40 Pound Weight Loss

So sad. Kelly Clarkson frankly opened up about her recent weight gain in a recent interview - and revealed she was trying to please everyone when it comes to her figure.

Kelly recently confessed that she had thoughts of suicide when she was in the thinnest time in the past. After releasing her second album, Breakaway, in 2004, Kelly remembers being pressured to be "skinny" like other singers of her age.


Kelly Clarkson at  “American Idol” 2002


She has cut out a significant amount of sugar from her diet and increased her vegetable intake. Sugar is one of the worst ingredients in food and drink because it offers up tons of calories and no nutrients. Whatsoever she's also focusing on portion control and lean proteins like chicken and fish.


The insider revealed, she has a salad for lunch and has also quit drinking soda plus she is also exercising more regularly with her personal trainer.


The source added Clarkson has been showing off her incredible weight loss and waist cinching outfits on " The Voice " as well as her many public appearances as of recently.

It was a hard workout for Kelly Clarkson to lose weight and she lost a lot of time.


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Kelly Clarkson's Weight Gain Has Been Good for Her: "It's When I'm Fat That I'm Happy"


"People think, Oh, there's something wrong with her, she's gaining weight," Kelly, 35, shared with the Redbook. "I like," Oh, no! I'm sorry, but that represents happiness in my emotional world. "She added," No one really cares about your health. They only care about aesthetics. That's when I'm fat that I'm happy. "


Kelly Clarkson at RedBook 2018

"If you value your life based on what others think, you will be in constant panic trying to please everyone," she said. "People should just focus on their own lives and their health and their own happiness, and whatever looks like to you, be happy with it."



"I'm not obsessed with my weight, that's probably one of the reasons people have problems with it." Some people are thin and have great metabolism - it's not me. , "she previously told the Redbook magazine. "I wish I had a better metabolism, but somebody might want them to be able to walk into a room and make friends with people like me." You always want what others have.


Kelly Clarkson has achieved worldwide fame and sold millions of albums despite her ups and downs. she's remained grounded and passionate about music so it's little wonder that Clarkson is the most successful American Idol contestant to date.

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