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MGF 5mg description

MGF is the shortened form of Mechano Growth Factor, is a growth factor or repair factor stemmed from exercised or wounded muscle tissues and also referred to as a novel splice variant of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), IGF-1 EC in humans and IGF-1 EB in rodents. Therefore, MGF has the ability to reacts on muscle tissue that is exercised or wounded. No doubt that MGF plays a crucial role in muscle development, promoting effects of growth hormone and muscle fiber, making it leaner and stronger.

As MGF is a kind of synthetic hormone and thus is does not have any androgenic or anabolic side effects like other kinds of steroids, which means adverse side effects will be mitigated as the lowest possible level.




What makes MGF unique is that it is able to transform wasted tissues into new ones and improve them due to its ability to initiate muscle stem cells in association with stimulating the protein synthesis. In addition to this, MGF is also responsible for speeding up the process of recuperation and accelerating muscle growth as it also affects the promotion of the so-called satellite cells, the predecessor or fresh muscle tissue, leading to the activation of extra damaged nuclei to produce muscle fiber and tissue and thus users are able to gain muscle growth naturally and achieve a healthy physique.

Another interesting thing about MGF is because it is water-based and hence easily circulates into the blood stream and throughout the body, which is kind of different from MGF naturally produced in the body as it does not travel through the blood stream. Also because of this, MGF can only stay active in the body in just a few minutes and needs to be used constantly post workout since MGF will not work if muscle has not been injured or damaged. However, thanks to this, MGF is almost suitable for people of all ages, even with elderly people or those having lost muscle mass owing to aging reasons.

Last but not least, MGF is also attributed to strengthening the immunity, lowering blood cholesterol levels, enhancing the properties of the skin, neuroprotective effect, i.e., protects the nervous system.


The dose of MGF is wide-changing. Since the drug only works when having muscle workout, it needs to be taken immediately after training. This is done in order to in the intensify physiological maximum discharge, mechanical natural growth factor is released by the body in response to exercised tissues.

For starters, the recommended dose is 100mcg.

For intermediate or experienced users, the dose can be up to 200mcg.

The frequency of dosage can be 3-4 times a week.

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