T3+T4 30+120uq 100tablets GENESIS

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  • T3+T4 30+120uq 100tablets GENESIS

T3+T4 30+120uq 100tablets GENESIS

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T3+T4 30+120UQ 100tablets GENESIS

It’s pretty challenging for athletes and body-builders to obtain extreme muscles to have a well-shaped body without undergoing intensive and time-consuming training process. This magical secret lies in T3+T4 30+120uq, which is popularly used by body-builders modelling in magazines displaying their attractive curves for advertisement or other motives.

T3+T4 30+120UQ Description

T3+T4 30+120uq proves strong and highly effective in helping athletes and female bodybuilders build and uphold hard muscles, particularly .The underlying reason is that T3+T4 30+120uq is consisted of steroids. They productively work as a tool to eliminate fat which help body-builders to avoid flabby muscles and get rid of all redundant fat.


Each bottle of T3+T4 30+120uq by Genesis contains 50 tabs. Each tablet includes 30mcg T3 Liothyronine and 120mcg T4 Levothyroxinum.


Liothyronine is a joint form of thyroid hormone and also apt for various therapeutic purposes such as hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid), obesity, disorders in metabolizing process and exhaustion. Additionally, the injections of Liothyronine also boost the stability of cerebral functions and the temperature of the body. Another merit by Liothyronine is the control over the amount of protein, fat and carbon absorbing process. Widely known as not anabolic or androgenic steroid, liothyronine plays a vital role in helping athletes and bodybuilders and is broadly favored.

The salient benefit of T3+T4 30+120uq is that this drug stimulates metabolizing process bringing out the acceleration in converting carbohydrates fat and protein. Bodybuilders, who are appealed to lipolysis, are pleased with the escalating fat burning. After the utilization process, an enormous amount of fat is eliminated, making athletes and body-builders visually attractive and earning them angular and hard muscles.

Chemical name: Natrium- (S) -2-Amino-3- [4- (4-Hydroxy-3-Iodphenoxy) -3,5-diiodophenyl] propanoat


The first dosage for beginners is 20- 25mcg per day and can be added 20 mcg three to four days periodically. To preserve the balance, a higher dose is unacceptable and the maximum of 100mcg per day may confront disapproval. The recommended period of usage is below 6 weeks. Equally important, one tablet should be divided into three smaller doses other than taking at once for the drug to bring into play its effectiveness. A sudden ending of usage is forbidden but gradually reduce even when you already gain hard muscles.

A professional physician is never a bad choice to consult thus taking the exact dosage for the drugs to bring us the best they can.

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